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Dr Karl Broome

Head Of Research & Social Development Programmes

Dr Karl Broome has spent his career working on a wide range of social research projects in areas including social exclusion, community cohesion, mental health as well as subcultural practices and identity. Currently, he works as an independent researcher alongside working as a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sussex.

His research interests include masculinity, embodiment, emotions and social life, subcultures, class, and social exclusion.

Dr Broome has formed a team of experts to explore the issues surrounding toxic masculinity and the problems of how modern men view themselves and their role in relationships and society as a whole.

He is currently looking into the effects this has on sexual harassment and abuse or controlling behaviour in relationships.

Dr Broome completed a degree in Sociology before focusing on Contemporary Urban Studies for his Masters and writing his PhD in Social Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London.

He is currently spearheading the research partnership between Stay Safe Global and the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign.

Dr Karl Broome
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