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Dr Everard Phillips

Psychology & Controlling Behaviour Consultant & International Program Manager

As a Criminal Psychologist, Dr. Everard Phillips is a leading expert in coercive criminal behaviour. He wrote his PhD on the tactical decision making processes and coercive strategies of kidnappers who ransom. This work successfully modelled offender behaviour taking account of the socio cultural factors that influence interpersonal violence and intimidation.

Considered innovative, his current work conceptualises critical offender behaviour during kidnap negotiation that my lead to possible hostage abuse and homicide. Via academic publication, Everard has made a number of important contributions to our understanding of coercive criminal behaviour. An area of study that has included discussion of people trafficking and victimisation of women and children in these circumstances.

His current research interests include post-settlement hostage homicide, hostage victimisation, tactical negotiation behaviour, as well as, the general topics relating to organised crime such as, robbery, interpersonal violence, torture, criminal coercion, and stalking.

However, his experience is not limited to academia. Previously, Everard fulfilled the role of Managing Director in an international Security & Political Risk consultancy that specialised in mitigating business risk within the emerging markets.

Everard has consulted and spoken extensively on the subject coercive violence to a broad spectrum of audiences that have included diplomatic, military, various international risk and security organisations.

Dr Everard Phillips
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